Saturday, 15 September 2012

picture at this age.hope to see in 10 they will look like.,

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Syukur on blessing

With Allah wills..alhamdullilah,Friday the 14th ,will strive for the best and hope this is a new phase of my life.insyallah.( mesti 3x,sunat :P)

Raya treats for Arif's school

hi deay!,
what a fun,finally i made my own corn flakes with melted choc on top.craving giler but i cuit a bit je.i prefer to make a finger food je,coz i know that im not good im making meal in large qty..bole la buat nasi lemak ke,but this is for raya punya jamuan kan..ahahaha..ok then,nanti i buat laksa lah..nanti google resepi kat youtube..:)

Monday, 10 September 2012

Food and My Heaven

hello dey!
its 1130pm,and i just cant sleep.. my bees and boss has gone to their actually have plenty work to do,lipat baju,gosok baju and the most important thing mesti update my blog..haiya,since birth,i never spend  time with my i just to make sure,this time i kena update jugak whatever it is.ok,actually today nothing much at work ,but,just to share few moments with my bees and butterfly.i pick up them quit late today,saja go to AP to get conditioner for my butterfly and me..yeah i got myself one tube cost around rm4.50 and get another one with rm1 only! yeahh..what a JIMAT!  but tadi lunch i spent almost RM15 (eat pizaa..yumy sgt) and in the morning i bought all jajan things,and spent rm10 .hahahaha what a "jimat" the evening before went back,i mesti bought them some drinks,huh kalau tak mesti i spent rm3 to get 3 bottles oif ice lemon tea..wallaaweey..sedap bees all senyum sampai ke u all cuba kira how much i spent/JIMAT today? heheh..tapi takper la,for food kita jgn berkira sgt,dah duit sendiri kan..i rather spend my money on foods for me and my bees than new shoes,bags or clothes ..

@myheaven(umah i le) ,i lepaskan my bees main kat luar..bukan luar rumah pagar tu,ni kondo biasa je,so kat luar gate tu je..:P..kesian my bees.but mama promise ,that i willl get better home for us,with a greeny and large playground ye..i promise :)
so waiting my boss coming back around,730 camtu,lepaking je,after take the bath,boss went out to get nasi royal for bees,me just LEPAK..hahah..what a malas nak masak.

oh ya,this friday,kinder'teacher said my bee1 kena attend with raya's attire and bring some kuih kena make sure to get him kuih raya if not mesti dia majuk :P

okla..i do why,i tetiba ngantuks,so hope i can continue tomorrow