Sunday, 16 September 2012

Me and hubby during raya 2012 for serenity and peaceful country.never ever forget that malaysia is the best country in the world.
open house at yus's new house
last week,maybe be last day for raya open house.the closing was memorable.i give a visit to my 'pengapit' at her new house today.what a lovely home i may say.the garden is almost same size of my condo.! apart of that,the food especially sotong kering morib(they called that) is really great and yummy.first time eat and will ask more for sure hehehe.
my boss as usual having 2x kambing golek with black pepper sauce which i can see it is so delicious but sayang i tak mkn lamb la darling... :(

visit farah on her daughter's buffday
then we go to farah house ,sampai lambat la.tapi syukur tak i selalu assume can have nasi ayam yg special tu,but farah kata tak buat pun.alaa..takpela i having a laksa and velvet kek,also my fav..syukur.what important is not a foos we having during the visit,but the smile and great hospitality by the tuan umah kan.kan.


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